Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday Oct 23rd 1847

School this morning. Weather fine. Got P Money. Made out bills.

Friday Oct 22nd 1847

School once more. ? Fine weather. Eve at home.

Thursday Oct 21st 1847

No school. Went myself to train. Day delightful.

Wednesday Oct 20th

Training keeps scholars out of school. Day fine.

Tuesday Oct 19th 1847

The first day of general muster. School good for nothing only to drum and fife. Weather fine. Eve called with Morgan and Chustead on Coffin & Taylors.

Monday Oct 18th 1847

Scholars ready to commence their work. Day fine. Eve around.

Sunday October 17th 1847

Church all day. Feel better after rest. Dr. Hall preached two excellent sermons.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wednesday Oct 13 1847

Convention proves to be more interesting than anticipated. More teachers arrived. Fine weather. Continued through the week and broke up on Saturday at 11 o'clock. An Association was formed on Thursday called the first Teachers Association of Fairfield County of which I have the honor to be Secretary. Am very much fatigued with my week's task but sincerely believe that this convention has done a great amount of good.

Tuesday, 12th 1847

The State Convention meets today. ? around to get five ?. Was ? in Office. Am secretary of Convention. Enough to do. Fine day. ? and Thomas are here.

Monday 11th 1847

Came home. Mrs. L M met me at the boat. Fine day but cool.

Sunday Oct 10th

Still in York. Went to church with Hall and the Scribners. Eve saw ? at the American Hotel.

Saturday Oct 9th 1847

Went to Ny. Bought globe and had likeness taken. Went around with Hall and Palmer.

Friday, October 8th 1847

Rained incessantly all day. Stons Hall called on his way to the Association. Wished me to go to N.Y.

Thursday Oct 7th

School as usual. Eve spent quite agreeably with MJL. The weather of today has been very fine.

Wednesday, October 6th 1847

Resumed our morning walk which made our appetite good for breakfast. School fine. Weather too.

October 5th Tuesday

Arose early and took a walk with Chustead. School very pleasant.

Monday, October 4, 1847

Commenced writing term this day. Stormy as usual. School of course ? C. Chustead (?) who by the way is a fellow teacher with whom I have had some acquaintance commenced boarding at our house. He seems to be a young man of comely principles and as we have our room in fine style I think we can enjoy ourselves.