Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday Nov 26th 1847

Fine day for the Season. Went to village in morning when I saw Mrs. L. Escorted her home according to her wish. Went to Halls and practice on ? Spent afternoon in making certificates. Mr J. came down to ? Eve for Thanksgiving Ball. Evening Em dressed too much. Went with Edith Smith.

Thursday Nov 25th

Thanksgiving Day.
Dark unpleasant in morning. Took O as far as Wilton. Spent morning in drawing. Dined at 2. All family present but Oliver. He with Marie probably. Finished piece after dining. Went to Mrs. D Moss ? afternoon. Mr. & Mrs. Root with Mr. & Mrs. Stockerweather. Talk and company a striking contrast with that of last year. ? I am truly thankful.

Wednesday Nov 24th

School thin. Rain poured in torrents about noon. Was out in all. Eve no prospect of pleasant Thanksgiving. ? sick.

Tuesday Nov 23rd

Still wet. Scholars few. Attended association in evening. Subject Grammar.

Monday Nov 22nd 1847

Morning pleasant. Cloudy in afternoon. Went Lecture in evening. Subject Saturn & Jupiter with other planets. Mars and density of atmosphere. Mrs L sick.

Sunday Nov 21st 1847

Went church all day. Cold and cloudy. Mr. Hall preached. Eve at home comparing Reolkin(?) with History. Mr. Chaplin preached to Young. Eve had 11 calls. Ol full.

Saturday Nov 20th 1847

Clear and cold. Kept school with 11 scholars. Had a very pleasant time. Went to ride with M. this afternoon.

Friday Nov 19th

Again am I disappointed. The weather will not allow me to go out to day. ? at noon. Went to Smith school. orderly and so ?, Harnessed horse and went to house in afternoon. Stopped as I came down.

Thursday Nov 18th 1847

Not well enough to go to school. Visited friend ? afternoon. Found it very nice.

Nov 17th Wednesday

Found me no better. Did not go to school. The girls are endeavoring to get through, before mother comes. Have been shut up all day.

Tuesday 16th

Girls very busy washing baking ironing etc. Did not feel well in morning. Came home at noon no better but after a little frolic I started for school much relieved. Held on in school till 3 o'clock, and then with scholars help till 4. Closed and came home sick. Mary Jane nursed me with all the fondness and care of her generous soul. Astronomical lecture and ? fracus in eve. Took a swea? and

Monday 15th

Mary Jane came down with me to assist Emily in household affairs our people having gone to Danbury. Pleasant day, school to.

Sunday 14th 1847 November

Quite cold. Church as usual.

Saturday 13th

School as yesterday. ? Am all right.

Friday 12

School never better. Coffin called about astronomy in ?

Thursday 11th

Pleasant. School fine. Commence ????

Wednesday 10th

Weather warm and cloudy. Rain expected. School good. Visitors in afternoon. Then eve.

Tuesday 9th

Cold and cloudy. Eve home.

Monday 8th

Cloudy and mild. School pleasant. Eve home. ?

Sunday 7th


Saturday 6th

Cold. Played in afternoon.

Friday 5th

Warm. Other things as usual.

Thursday Nov 4

Dr M Ward this day gave up business. School good. Tea at Ms. Spent eve.

Wednesday Nov 3rd

Weather still mild. All else according.

Tuesday Nov 2nd

Warm and pleasant. No fire. Eve home.

Monday November 1, 1847

School fine. Weather to. Every thing to. Am thankful.

Sunday 31st

Pleasant. Church all day of course.

Friday Oct 29th or Saturday Oct 30th

School good. Eve came home.

Friday Oct 29th

Cold yet pleasantly. Ef has gone to P. Chisly to commence his way in the world.

Thursday Oct 28th

Still cold and clear. School fine.

Wednesday Oct 27

Still cold. Found out the ? of Master Phil.

Tuesday October 26th

Coldest day this season. Emily went to MA with Phil.

Monday, Oct 23rd

Conventions, training SC an over and we are now at workover mon. Things go smoothly. P. Tradway came over from MA. Quite cold yet clear.

Sunday, October 24, 1847

Stormy. Church all day. Eve at home.