Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter of 1846 + 47

The weather of each day of this winter can be found in my small diary. I will not spend the time to copy it into this. This long dreary winter the first that  ? staid away from my friends was spent in endeavoring to perform my duty towards my patrons and scholars, and in devising something new for governing a school.

Many, many an hour have I sat in my old chair after the echo of the last tiny footstep was hear in this old shanty thinking of my own loved home and devising schemes for future usefulness. In boarding around I had my share of the troubles attendant upon this ridiculous practice.

Thanksgiving day especially was a day of trial. Prevented by a storm from joining my friends I was compelled to remain in a miserable old shanty listening to the noise of 7 children -- the oldest 8 years of age. I went home once and spent a week when I ? the death of my little brother. My father came up for me. He also visited me once with my mother.

As a token of this approbation of my ? they hired me another month which they had not done before in 10 years. The inhabitants of ? District will ever be remembered by me with gratitude for the many favors which I have received at their hands. Through the increasing exertions of the ? of Norwalk the Main Street district have hired me to teach their school for the ensuing term for $10 [$15?] per month. I have written that I would take it on those terms. On the 31st day of March AD 1847 I closed my labors in Brookfield. This day I make to my Uncle's in a sleigh. Saturday ? found me in Norwalk.


  1. I think the part about the 7 kids is hilarious! Poor guy! And how sad that he lost his little brother!

  2. I hope this comment shows up. I love this Heather!

  3. Really excited about this idea.. how wonderful to share it with all the family... so glad Nina was with us for this wedding... such incredible moments!!!